How To Make Coffee Less Bitter?

4 steps to make coffee less bitter

1. Medium roasted coffee has less soluble solids, a higher acid content, and a potent aroma when compared to darkly roasted coffee. All of these factors are known to reduce perceived bitterness.

2. Decaffeination slightly reduces the perceived coffee bitterness.

3. Allowing the coffee to soak in fresh water for approximately twenty-four hours after the fermentation process–as is done in Kenya–is said to reduce coffee bitterness.

4. Brewing via a drip system reduces coffee bitterness relative to French press or other soaking methods, but this is likely due to the decrease in soluble solids, which is positively correlated with bitterness.

5. A coarser grind reduces coffee bitterness. However, the proper grind size should always be used to ensure proper extraction.

Visit the link to know more on why does coffee taste bitter?


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We have coffee farm. I am associated with coffee farming since my childhood days. Now, myself and my husband is associated with fair trade coffee movement and also research on how to improve coffee quality in India. We also do investment in small start up who wants to do research on medical benefits of coffee,
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